Looking for a Supplier

Knowing how important it is to rely on reliable suppliers, we are dedicated to providing the best service in helping you find the right manufacturer and securing the flow of your upcoming shipment.

We listen to your needs, build specification, set priorities then we mutually build a strategy, and we scout the world to find the optimum supplier for you. 

 We offer:

1- Technical: engineering specifications, applicable codes and standards compliance, documentation, labelling, packaging, …etc.

2- Manufacturing: proactive follow-up and coordination during all production process (technical, printing, labelling, packaging, documentation…etc.).

3- Finance: best payment terms for specially manufactured products for export to unidentified customers.

4- Payment and product security: Obtaining the best secured terms mitigating any risk and optimizing cash flow cycle to ensure business continuity. 

5- Logistics support: selecting optimum transportation modes, suitable packaging to ensure product safe arrival at the destination, optimum containerization plan for safe shipping, loading and offloading, document review.

6- Logistic: close follow-up on a daily / hourly basis whenever required during loading and setting different professional offloading and sorting procedures for effective process.


And a whole lot more.

Looking to sell your project in an overseas market?

Exporting your products and services can be a challenging unsafe and costly experience if you aren’t well prepared. The AMI team can assist you in getting into new export markets. Thanks to more than 50 years of accumulated successful experience, we have established an excellent relationship with numerous private and public institutions in many countries.  

AMI can assist you with:

1-Market intelligence

2-Qualifying buyers/importers and distributors

3-Assessing market and challenges for the target market.

4-Negotiations with foreign clients

5-Competitive Analysis and operations insight

6-Tools and advice on accessing an International Market.

7- Secured payments

8- Local and International Laws & Regulations compliance (Anti-Money laundry, Anti-Bribery, SOX, FCPA,…)

Our Strengths





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